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About us

I See A Different You is a collective of visionary creatives born and bred in Soweto.

Our aim is to reframe images from our own life stories, as well as the stories of others, and bring an alternative view of South Africa to a global audience.

Our images show the South African experience, and our love and optimism for the people we share our country with.

Our story

I See A Different You came about in 2011 at a time when our four founding members were working in the advertising industry. They started to become increasingly aware of the pervasive misconceptions surrounding Soweto.

The public, led by the media, have a tendency to see Soweto as a starving, burning place of desperation and unrest.

Yet the Soweto we know and love is a vibrant, exciting, and dynamic place filled with uniquely South African experiences, stories, creativity, and poetic contradictions.

Our movement was born out of a photographic blog with the simple aim: to show a different Soweto, our Soweto, to the world.

As we explored our own spaces with new eyes, we captured images that brought together powerful urban landscapes, eclectic fashion, and the real stories and experiences of our diverse community. We aim to frame our subjects in such a way that we convey the positivity and excellence that exists here.

Our Tumblr blog gained traction, which allowed us to travel globally. Through our travels, we became aware that there is a negative perception in the international community of Africa as a whole, not only our corner of the continent.

Our aim shifted from showing a new, positive Soweto, and we started also show the unique stories of the individuals we meet through our journey and ultimately, changing how humans view difference in each other.

Our Work

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