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Working in the advertising industry, we realised that there were very few black Africans leading the continent’s creative output. We set out to change this.

Since starting the Tumblr blog we’ve grown to represent a creative and strategic team, generating content with the purpose of building brands.

We combine the processes of ideation and creation, and use our unique insights to inform strategies and create powerful imagery.

We’re eager to collaborate with other creatives and field experts to solve social and business challenges.


The main focus of I See A Different You is our photographic exhibitions which aim to portray the African experience in a positive light, through the eyes of Africans.

We simultaneously function as a creative agency, making our services available to charities, corporates, other creatives, and educational projects. Doing work for companies and organisations that operate in the public sphere allows us to share our vision of Africa on a larger platform.

Using well-placed images and relatable narratives, we present thought-provoking ideas about the country and the continent to a wide range of people.


We realised, while working separately in the advertising industry, that advertising is an important vehicle for information and images.

As such, we strive to portray Africa as realistically as possible – not as a hungry, burning, continent; but one filled with vibrancy and possibilities.

SA Tourism


We feel that fashion is one of the most expressive forms of art: it’s the way that we choose to physically represent ourselves.

Local fashion is featured heavily in our photographic work for a number of reasons. We draw inspiration from the bright prints derived from traditional fabrics, we show the wealth of our photographic subjects in intricate dress, and we remember our heritage through traditional wear.

Prince of Wales
Polo Cup
True Love


Portraits are one of the oldest forms of photography. We choose to keep this style alive in our work because we believe that it can capture the most profound images, tell stories as yet untold, and invite you to put yourself in the shoes of the model.


Our work isn’t only limited to still photography. We’re also involved in creative video production. Using the diverse talents of our collective network of creatives we strive to bring our images and thoughts to life.


I See A Different You has been lucky enough to garner international recognition for our work. This has led to opportunities to display our work and spread our message worldwide, including exhibitions in Europe and Japan.

SA-UK Seasons
SA-UK Seasons
SA-UK Seasons


Music is one of the most important forms of art. We look to music for inspiration, to feel emotions, to be transported to another place, and to tell the world what we believe in.

Our musical inspiration comes from traditional African sounds, the (meteorically popular) Gqom genre, and other general electronic styles. Have a listen to some of our original tracks and DJ mixes.

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